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Limoges, the Limousin region

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Breed history

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A farmer's story

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Chateau Boucher

In 2018, first in Europe, we achieved a double certification for a semi-wild farm without antibiotics since birth on the pastures of the Limousin region on the west side of the Central Massif. Here in small virtuous family-run farms a type of traditional cow-calf circuit is still practiced in the semi-wild state. Pristine pastures interspersed with bushes allow cattle a healthy life in a hyper-extensive farm. Cattle are born and remain healthy. They do not have any need for treatment. They have a happy life in their social context within the pack. Raised humanely without cruelty. Cattle live socially in their natural environment in their herd, in freedom in the open air, healthy and happy. This is found in the excellent goodness of the product.

The partners in this project are COVILIM in Limoges, capital of the Limousin region in France and one of the cooperatives of virtuous and traditional regional breeders: CORALI.

The FOODSTAGE has also obtained one of the most prestigious European certifications on animal welfare: "Chain manager Better Life two & tree stars" issued by the Dutch "Animal Protection". This is thanks to the collaboration with COVILIM and with the cooperative of GLBV breeders, the largest in Limousin

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