Hyperfrozen® is the new fresh. Every living cell of both animal and plant origin contains many nutrients essential to life in general and to human life. These cells make the maximum nutritional contribution when they are fresh and unaffected. Sometimes a proper maturation process preserves nutritional values and improves sensory values. As soon as the degenerative processes after harvesting (if plant) or culling (if animals) begin, some of the nutrients present in the cells are always altered. With HyProFrozen standard we prepare, we prevent, we preserve your food. HyPerFrozen is the new fresh. Hyper-Frozen is a standard that disciplines for every (food) product the way to do IQF. Project available for adoption.

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From the experience of Vega&joy we propose a line of plant based products without any component of animal origin. Unique and identifiable by their composition and taste. Born not to replace meat or fish but to accompany them. Excellent as a vegan alternative for a light, balanced and tasty meal. Ready to eat products are to be get warm in air fryer, ventilated oven or pan. Available already in three flavors with fragrances and spices from different geographical regions: Mediterranean, Caribbean, American. Project available for adoption.

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Veal Creations

From the experience and awards achieved by Veal Creations, an ambitious project to be adopted is reborn: exquisite convenience ready-to-eat products in which chopped vegetables and veal are the masters. A concept based on clean label and short label. All natural ingredients. At least two / thirds of the product are vegetables but enriched with a touch of fine veal. Project available for adoption.


Best Product of the Year was first organized in the Netherlands in 2014 and has expanded ever since. This year, the election will be organized in ten European countries. It will be organised in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland. The concept is originally based on the desire of consumers to share their opinion about their favourite products. The purpose of the election is to generate positive attention for producers and retailers. Products will be evaluated on the criteria price-quality rate, repeat purchases, product presentation, user-friendliness and recommendation. When a product receives sufficient reviews and the highest scores on the elements that are the most important to consumers, it will be crowned with the title 'Best Product of the Year'. We are proud to announce to have get the nomination with our Mediterranean Veal Aubergine Burger. 2019 - 2020 edition we obtained the silver medal for the second place

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